01 May 2010

Sa DingDing 天地合 Live Band 音乐会

Sa DingDing 天地合 Live Band 音乐会
Date: 23 April 2010
Venue: Dragonfly Dance Club KL

Went for Sa DingDing's concert that day.
I had been waited this one for very long, finally she came.

(above) Dragonfly Dance Club, located at Jalan Kia Peng, somewhere between KL Convention Center and Pavilion.

(above) Sa DingDing performing, Girl In Green Dress, I think.

(above) "This is your lucky day!"

Before end, Sa DingDing had a autograph session.
I got my album signed.

(above) Signed booklet.

The whole performance is really good, super good. Performing live is very different from listening to CD. One word, 'GENG' 劲.

*Lazy to edit pictures... 5 will be enough for a post..ha...


27 April 2010

14 Days Later

14 days later, school starts, holiday ends.
14 days later, new subjects introduced.
14 days later, world is getting better.
14 days later, ...
...how should I know what will happened after 14 days.


Preparing artworks for portfolio, editing new and old pictures, sleep more.


24 March 2010

Again, A Long Holiday

Holiday again, a long one.
This holiday won't be easy, got some work to do...

Anyway these are some works done before holiday starts.

Light and mood study, 5cm per second.
Had to study movie still of 5cm and paint. 5cm got a very good color and mood, but I just don't like the story, boring.

(above) 5cm per second, boring.

Final for Ads visual, to recreate a raining scene from a reference.

(above) Rain drops keep falling on my head...

Marker visual 2, Ads for Citibank, late work...

(above) Late work.

Wanted to create a comic character. Just a rough sketch for it.

(above) Name is Long (龙).


13 February 2010

CNY Eve 2010

Year of Tiger.
Now is already New Year Eve, tomorrow will be the big day.
Is Chinese New Year, don't think about assignments, missions, works, exams...... when it is the time for you to play, you play.
AngPows, mandarin oranges, red, cookies... tiger.

Happy Chinese New Year.


27 January 2010

Simplified Visual

Simplified visual, this semester we had to produce visual digitally, interesting.
Every illustration student must know how to draw simplified...
Simplified drawing is quite hard for me, still cannot master the technique... not good...

Marlboro ads created by professionals.
Still remember lecturer said, "anyone of you create something similar to this composition? No? Thats why you are here."
(above) Advertisement for Marlboro, lighter and cigarettes.

Dumb-ling, why dumpling? Dumpling festival is still so long, we should draw mandarin oranges.
Anyway the purpose of doing this dumpling piece is to learn the color scheme of traditional food.
(above) Dumb-ling, really dumb...

Advertising visual.
Visual for Lay's assignment.
(above) Even a ghost cannot resist Lay's potato chips, what about you?

Latest assignment, hero saved the day.
(above) Initial sketch for Rexona ads, theme is hero saved the day. However lecturer rejected my FungWan like hero...

(above) Final for 'Hero saved the day' Rexona ads, I changed Wind to TaiPing(神兵), haha... the background doesn't look like back alley.

Some demo by lecturer, stolen from il-server, just want to share.
(above) Demo by lecturer, stolen from seniors server.

(above) Another demo by lecturer(LCK?)- how to a a very 'yeng' man.

Except the last two, all are my recent assignments.
Comments are welcome.


09 January 2010


Went for wedding event on 16 December 2009, it's cousin's wedding.
First time being a photographer in a wedding event.
Unfortunately I am not feeling well on the big day. The result wasn't that good, which need a lot of post processing.
I did some research before I go but everything is different from what I learn and planned.
The problem I encountered is the event started at late night, which the surroundings is so dark.
Also, the crowd is blocking me and I cannot get a picture with a desired angle.
Then my flash seems like having problem on metering, some of my shots were overexposed and underexposed.
Anyway, if you want to shoot wedding, you got to know the flow of the wedding.

Door game.
(above) Left man: "Ooi, open the gate!!!"
Right man: "Ang pau RM888 first!!!" [Just my own imagination, haha.]

(above) The bride seems so happy.

Tea ceremony.
People say this is the most long and boring moment, I am not sure of this, I just know this is a very important moment.
(above) Tea ceremony.

Outdoor shooting.
A nice spot, flashes, and reflectors if you have one.
No one told me I had to shoot outdoor, so I am unprepared... not even a paper or any white stuff as reflector...
Shot using only 50mm and SB800.
(above) The bride.

(above) The sisters. I liked this picture the most.

(above) White girl and black man.

Both bride and bridegroom were so tired, so the outdoor session had to end earlier.
Not much shots taken.
(above) I like the color mood of this picture, a little bit desaturated.

Lunch or dinner or whatever cerebration.
People eat, drink, and talk. Some sings too, it depends.
Usually group pictures, family pictures, pictures with friends took here. get ready for a wide angle lens (if got) and flash sphere or whatever.
It is quite fun to capture the yum seng moment.
(above) Yum seng!!!

There is no reshoot on wedding event. This phrase can be seen on every photographers blog, tips or their sharing. Yes, it is true, no reshoot.
Just want to share my experience on my first wedding shooting.
Comments and critics are welcome.


06 January 2010

Girl In Blue

Drew something recently, a girl, blue in color.
Just for a little practice on how to draw girl.
I remembered Benjamin once said, 'girl is quite hard to draw, final outcome might become a man with large breast.' something something......

(above) Cold?

Next girl should be green in color. Haha.
I forgot to name this character...